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Pau VIPER 100-120cc PAU Green



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€ 1.399,00


Wingspan:                   104”
Wing Area:                  2185
Fuselage:                    99"  incl. spinner
Engine:                        100cc to 120cc
Servos:                        8 minimum
Spinner Size req:         4-1/2”
Weight:                         26 to 28 lbs


NEW for 2016, The new PAU Viper!! So now you are saying to yourself, "what the heck is a Viper then, that's not scale?"The Viper is a hybrid based on the MXS, and is well within 10% of scale outlines for IMAC.      This plane has been designed across 5 scratch built planes to come up with a plane that is good for both 3D and precision.     

The Viper name was chosen to make it separate from anything else out there. When the final size was chosen, we put more power under the hood and the performance skyrocketed.      Subsequently we changed it to Viper-ST. The ST stands for "sick and twisted". As mentioned, the viper is based on the MXS airplane with its long sleek lines of the fuse, fairly tall tail section, large authoritative rudder, etc.       The wings have been refined through many tests to prove for great low speed characteristics, as well as excellent high energy flying.      It has a very forgiving stall speed and is excellent for newer pilots as well as competition level pilots.
• DA120 power gives the ultimate in performance and is highly recommended.      Other choices similar to DA100L will also give amazing performance.
• The wings have been reinforced with a generous dose of carbon fiber in order to withstand the ever more demanding maneuvers of today’s aggressive freestyle flying.
• Split ailerons are incorporated for a variety of reasons:     One is ease of installation with visual servo matching;      Servos never fight even when warm so you get a decreased mAh consumption.      Flaps are very cool to play with especially on calm days.      There are other mixes you can play with as well.
• Interior design is standard PAU construction with room for canisters, pipes, etc.

PAU also has done much of the time consuming work for you, such as pre-hinged (not glued) control surfaces, pre-set split cowl with internal cowl ring hiding cowl screws, pre-drilled surfaces so your hardware just drops in; and that is just the start! Our Viper ST also comes with a complete set of high quality hardware. If you are tired of replacing lower quality hardware found in other ARF’s, or surprisingly having to purchase the hardware separately, take a look at what’s in our box: Titanium push rods and PAU aluminum horns with dressed steel posts. Also included: Quality Heavy Duty ball links, pull-pull set and more.

But we didn’t stop there: we made this Viper ST visually stunning as well. We used genuine Ultracote covering in bright colors, and included a graphics package that complements the colors with style. With our proven customer service and uncompromising quality standards, you can rest assured your purchase will be backed by the best in the industry.

• Canister Ready
• Control surfaces pre-hinged, not glued.
• Split cowl installed with internal ring, mounting bolts are hidden.
• Carbon fiber main landing gear.
• Carbon fiber tail wheel.
• Covered with genuine Ultracote.
• Carbon fiber wing and stab tubes
• Fiber glass cowl and wheel pants
• Comprehensive hardware pack

Kit includes:
• CF wing and stab tubes
• PAU aluminum control horn set with hardened steel posts
• Titanium turnbuckle pushrods
• Heavy Duty Pull-Pull system
• NEW PAU gas tank