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€ 539,00


Wingspan:                   76”
Wing Area:                  1059
Fuselage:              69" (72" incl. spinner)
Engine:                        35cc
Servos:                          6
Spinner Size req:           3”
Weight:                       12 to 12-1/2 lbs


    Control surfaces pre-hinged, not glued.
    Cowl installed with internal ring, mounting bolts are hidden.
    Carbon fiber main landing gear.
    Carbon fiber tail wheel.
    Covered with genuine Ultracote.
    Carbon fiber wing and stab tubes
    Fiber glass cowl and wheel pants
    Comprehensive hardware pack


Kit includes:

    CF wing and stab tubes
    Complete hardware set
    Water bottle type gas tank
    PAU Logo graphic

After the considerable success of the lager 50cc, 100cc and 150cc versions of the Extra, and due to popular demand, PAU has designed this smaller version. This great airframe can be flown at a smaller field, fit in a smaller vehicle, while making no sacrifice in terms of precision, looks or all around performance.

Smooth straight lines, super crisp snaps with positive exits, perfectly linear rollers that require less input from the brain and more focus on the routine, are all attributes that a competitive pilots and Sunday flyers alike will appreciate.  The team test pilots were so impressed with the performance of this small plane, that they labeled it the perfect every day IMAC practice plane.

Not only does this aircraft draw silky smooth lines but also like PAU's newest releases, we are putting the scale back into scale aerobatics!