LASER 230Z 93" PATRIOT DESIGN Visualizza ingrandito




Produttore: AJ AIRCRAFT

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€ 899,00

Scheda tecnica

Apertura alare 2,45 m
Lunghezza 2,25 m
Peso 9 Kg
Motore 61 - 70 cc


The 411:

•Wing Span - 93"
•Length - 88"
•AUW (dry)- 18-20 lb
•Electric Power - Q-80

•Gas Power - 60-70cc

•Radio - 6 channel with 5 high torque servos

What's in the box:

•Pre-hinged, glued and sealed ailerons & elevators
•Carbon fiber main landing gear
•Carbon fiber main wing tube
•Removable horizontal stabs & rudder
•G10 fiberglass control horns
•Aluminum reinforced landing gear mount
•Aluminum reinforced firewall
•Aluminum standoffs for gas engines
•Full-length canister tunnel
•Canister muffler mounts
•Heavy duty foam wheels with aluminum hubs
•Heavy duty steel axles
•Thick heavy duty pre-drilled wheel pants
•Pre-drilled & rubber lined landing gear cuffs
•Firewall drilling templates for common engines
•Pre-run rudder pull-pull wires (turnbuckle also included for push-pull option)
•High quality ball links & turnbuckles for all connections
•Extra hardware bag for spares
•Velcro for fuel tank or battery restraint
•All airframe components covered in genuine Ultracote, available in 2 color schemes
◦Retro Scheme (True Red HANU866, White HANU870, Bright Yellow HANU872)
◦Patriot Scheme (True Red HANU866, White HANU870, Midnight Blue HANU885, Bright Yellow HANU872)

NOTE:  This product is shipped in two separate boxes.  

The main box measures 89"L x 18"W x 22"H (49 lbs. total),  The wing box measures 47"L x 29"W x 9"H (18 lbs. total).

Also needed to complete:
•(2) x 6" extension for ailerons (not needed for S-9157)
•(2) x 6" extensions from the receiver to the aileron servos
•(2) x 48" extensions for the elevators
•(1) x 12" extension for the ESC to Receiver (if electric)
•(1) x 12" extension will be needed for the throttle servo and ignition (if gas)
•(4) x 1 3/4" servo arms for elevators & ailerons
•(1) x 3 1/2" servo arm for rudder
•4" spinner