Yak 55 91" Nero



Produttore: 3D HOBBY SHOP

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€ 959,00

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Apertura alare 2,31 m
Lunghezza 2,19 m
Peso 8 Kg
Motore 50 - 70 cc


Yak 55 91"

The 91" Yak is great-looking model of the dramatic Yak-55M, a world-champion aerobatic aircraft. 
The 91" Yak has all of the features you have come to expect from a 3DHS 50-60CC ARF - Carbon wing and stab tubes, genuine Ultracote/Oracover material, premium-grade balsa and ply, molded carbon landing gear, aluminum-center lightweight wheels, spring tail-wheel, composite and aluminum reinforced landing gear mount, composite control horns with HD ball links, aluminum-reinforced motor box, pre-hinged surfaces, and wing and stab bags.
The Yak adds some new features, including differential-drag wing tips.  You can select the type of wingtip arrangement you want, for more or less yaw stability, as suits your style of flying.The Yak 55M has the ability to rotate in yaw with authority, giving high rotation rate to gyroscopic maneuvers - this equal wild stunts like insane pop-tops.  The specially-developed fuselage profile gives excellent post-stall stability for easy harriering.  The reduced girth of the fuselage and low-drag airfoil profile give the Yak a very wide speed range, making an excellent dual purpose precision and 3D hucking machine. Because of its large control surfaces and wide speed range, we recommend only the best servos for the Yak 55.