Edge 540 92'' Bianco



Produttore: 3D HOBBY SHOP

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€ 949,00

Scheda tecnica

Apertura alare 2,33 m
Lunghezza 2,33 m
Peso 8 Kg
Motore 50 - 61 cc


Edge 540 92"

The 92" Edge 540 from 3DHobbyShop is a scale 3D, precision, and sport aircraft for 50-61CC gas engines and 12S electric power setups.
The Edge 540 is a dominant full-scale aerobatic and racing aircraft. Flown by world aerobatic champions and top airshow pilots, it has extreme capabilities thanks to its unique wing design and Lycoming 540 cubic-inch engine.
The 3DHobbyShop model captures all of that performance and more. Our Edge 540 is a versatile and fun aircraft, with all of the characteristics you are looking for. Firstly, it has excellent sport handling characteristics, with easy landings and smooth flight. Secondly, it is very precise, with excellent tracking for long straight flight lines as well as precise point rolling manouvres and snaps. Thirdly, it is a 3d monster, featuring rock-solid harrier both upright and inverted, minimal coupling, excellent pitch authority for walls and waterfall-based manouvres, and excellent low-speed rudder authority for radical rotation.
While the Edge works very well on 50-61cc engines with good speed and pullout from hover, we recommend either the GP 61 or DA-60 engine as a perfect match. With either engine onboard, the Edge has stunning vertical performance.